All year long at Carpathian Estate


Spring at Carpathian Estate

Walk, breathe and revitalize
The countryside is waking up after a long snowy winter. The meadow is green and purple. Spring is the season for picking juicy strawberries, walking in the awaking forests, and time to enjoy the warming sun on the terrace.

Summer at Carpathian Estate

Swim and relax
The pleasures are those of swimming and sun bathing but of course the fresh forests are pleasant for a walk or a truffle hunt! Summer is the season for picnics in the surroundings, bathing in the pool or the lakes, long dinners and sunsets by the terrace. The garden is plentiful: organically grown fruits and vegetables from the Farm are the basics for lunch and dinners!

Autumn in Carpathian Estate

Have a break
Autumn is the explosion of colors and lights. It is the season to visit the neighboring the vine estates of Dealu Mare and Tohani. Time for long walk and rides in the forests looking for mushrooms, or walnuts and surprising deers.

Winter at Carpathian Estate

Reflect, get together
For now the Estate is covered with snow and isolated.
This is the season for walks with snow rackets, spotting easily animal tracks!
But back to the Lodge, enjoy an afternoon tea and Monica’s pastries, warm up at the sauna and steam bath or read, play and relax cozily by the fireplaces.

Your renewed discovery

A meadow in the forest, Carpathian Estate is a year-round destination to discover. The attractions change in the course of the seasons, like the colors of the forest itself.
The vivid green of the meadow in Spring is soon replaced by the strong purple of the vetches.
Summer comes and the garden fills in with gorgeous fruits and vegetables. Located at 600m, the air remains fresh and you escape the heat of the Bucharest plains.
It will soon be time to harvest hay and store it for winter.
The forest turns to flamboyant orange and brown, beautiful Autumn colors.
Winter white and tons of snow covering the meadow isolate you from the rest of the world !